“Bears” believe that an asset, for example, a digital currency, will decline in value. Another way of putting this is that if a trader thinks a cryptocurrency will depreciate, their sentiment surrounding the...

Bear trap

This is a technique that is sometimes used by a group of traders in order to manipulate the price of a particular cryptocurrency. This is achieved by selling a large amt. of a certain asset while tracking the market to...


In 2018, Binance revolutionized cryptocurrency exchanges by choosing to focus on the rest of the world before the United States market. Through this strategy, it has been able to generally support more altcoins than any...

Bit license

As the name clearly suggests, a Bitlicense refers to a business license that is required by cryptocurrency firms in New York to dabble in BTC trading. The document is difficult to acquire and is issued only by the New...

Bitcoin ATM

A cash point where people can trade fiat currency and bitcoins

Bitcoin cash BCH

As the Bitcoin network has grown, its transaction speed has lessened, turning Bitcoin itself into more of a store of value than a “peer-to-peer currency” as it was originally envisioned to be. In response to this, in...


It is a basic unit of BTC — i.e. a total of 1,000,000 bits constitute one bitcoin.


Many digital currencies make use of blocks, which contain transactions that have been confirmed and then combined.

Block explorer

An online tool for exploring the blockchain of a particular cryptocurrency, where you can watch and follow live all the transactions happening on the blockchain. Block explorers can serve as blockchain analysis and...

Block height

The term refers to the total number of blocks present in a chain at a given point in time.

Block reward

An amount of crypto-currency a miner receives for processing transactions in a given block. Because creating (or “mining”) blocks is so crucial to the security of the Bitcoin network and yet so hard, the Bitcoin...


Shared, trusted, public ledger of transactions, that everyone can inspect but which no single user controls. It is a cryptographed, secure, tamper-resistant distributed database. It solves a complex mathematical problem...


These are trading tools that have been automated to execute orders using a host of algorithmic processes (such as pre-designed buy-and-sell protocols).


In financial terminology, a bubble refers to a particular situation wherein the participants of a particular market have driven the value of a particular well over its actual price. Once the bubble reaches its apex, the...

Bull trap

As the name suggests, a bull trap is a false market signal where a declining trend associated with a particular asset seems to be changing for the better but does not materialize.

Bull/ Bullish

A common term used when referring to an individual who is optimistic about the future of a particular market (be it stocks, cryptocurrencies, bonds, etc). If a trader believes that an asset will rise in value, he or she...


This concept is employed when a particular crypto asset has been rendered permanently unspendable or unusable.

Buy wall

It refers to a situation wherein a large limit order has been placed when an asset becomes of a certain value.