It is an independent blockchain that can run its network as well as governance protocols.

Margin Call

The concept of margin call comes into effect when an investor’s account falls below a certain price threshold. It is at this time a broker starts to demand additional money to maintain a minimum maintenance amount for...

Margin Trading

A practice where a trader uses borrowed funds from a broker to trade a cryptocurrency, which forms the collateral for the loan from the broker. It can be relatively risky for inexperienced traders who may receive a...

Margin Trading

It refers to a practice wherein a crypto trader makes use of borrowed funds to facilitate his/her digital purchases.


It is a general term that is used to delineate various financial domains (such as cryptocurrencies, stocks) within which investors regularly operate.

Market Capitalization

It is the measure of a currency’s total market worth — i.e. the more the capitalization of an asset, the more valuable it is.

Market Order

It is the best available sale price of a particular cryptocurrency.

Master nodes

A master node refers to the central server associated with a particular project that is maintained directly by the owner of the project. Additionally, one can also envision master nodes as being full nodes but with...

Max Supply

As the name quite clearly implies, the term can be thought of as the total number of tokens that will ever exist in relation to a particular cryptocurrency during its entire life cycle.

Merkle Tree

It is a tree-like structure commonly used in cryptography to describe a particular digital ecosystem. As part of the diagram, a single leaf signifies the hash info of a native data block whereas every non-leaf component...


It is simply a fractional denomination of Bitcoin (one millionth or 0.000001 BTC to be exact).


It is a biz structure wherein small monetary payments can be facilitated by an individual to acquire a host of different digital goods and services. The concept is widely used across a variety of domains including...


It is a property of certain cryptocurrencies that can be acquired by miners through the acquisition of certain information codes as well as through the creation of data blocks.


These are individuals that contribute to the growth of a particular blockchain via the process of mining. It also bears mentioning that miners can either choose to work independently or in conjunction with an...


A common term that is used to describe the process by which data blocks are added to a particular blockchain ecosystem through the verification of individual transactions. In a similar vein, ‘mining’ also describes the...

Mining Contract

It is a term that is used interchangeably in place of ‘cloud mining’.The technology entails the renting/investing of mining capacity via a host of different digital online avenues.

Mining Pool

A mining pool is basically a setup wherein a group of miners comes together to combine their computing power so as to mine crypto assets together. The rewards of such an activity are usually distributed as per certain...

Mining Reward

The reward resulting from contributing computing resources to process transactions. Mining rewards are usually a mix of newly-minted coins and transaction fees.

Mining Rig

It is a computer setup that is used for the sole purpose of acquiring digital currencies via the process of mining.


It is a common term that is used to refer to a person who possesses an extremely small amount of crypto.

Mixing Service

Also referred to as a Tumbler, it is a platform that seeks to enhance the overall privacy/anonymity associated with a cryptocurrency transaction — primarily through the mixing of potentially identifiable digital...


These are memory aids that can help users recall certain phrases. In this regard, it should be pointed out that a mnemonic phrase is one that consists of a list of words that can be used by a person to access his/her...

Money Transmitter

As the name alludes to, a money transmitter is a person/biz entity that allows people to transfer their money (be it fiat assets or cryptocurrencies) to others in a highly streamlined manner.


From a crypto standpoint, the term refers to a situation wherein a steady upward movement in the price of digital currency is observed for an extended period of time.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence

Commonly referred to as MACD, it is basically an analytical tool that is commonly used by crypto enthusiasts to establish a relationship between two separate price moving averages. From a technical standpoint, we can...

Mt. Gox

It was one of the world’s first cryptocurrency exchanges to allow crypto enthusiasts to freely trade Bitcoin in a totally straightforward manner. In 2014, the platform was forced to shut down after it came to light that...


Also referred to as multisig addresses, these unique identifiers help in providing users with an extra layer of security.