A common term that refers to a collection of all the nodes that may be present within a particular crypto ecosystem at any given time.


A no-coiner is an individual who does not own any digital assets in his/her financial portfolio and is of the opinion that the crypto market is destined to implode shortly.


It is essentially a blockchain component that comes replete with a complete copy of the system’s ledger info.


It is a term that is commonly used when talking about the storage of wallet keys. In this regard, a non-custodial setup is one where the private keys associated with a particular account are held by the owner of the...


The term nonce is commonly employed when a certain tx has been hashed by a miner.


Newcomers are frequently described as “noobs” by industry insiders. If you are this person, you may want to sit back and observe before “jumping in with both feet.” Digital currencies are highly...