It refers to the total percentage of cryptocurrency that is held in a particular account (which in turn can be traced to another account.)


It is a blockchain alternative that has been devised by IOTA. The system makes use of DAGs (directed acyclic graphs) and is quantum-computing resistant.

Technical Analysis

It is a method of evaluation that makes use of statistical data related to the activity of a particular market sector. Using TA related tools, users can isolate certain specific patterns which can then be used to make...


The term ‘Testnet’ refers to an alternative blockchain that is commonly employed by developers for testing purposes only. It is a second blockchain used by developers for testing new versions of client software without...

Think Long Term

It is a mindset where an investor thinks in terms of months or years (rather than days) in relation to his/her investment.


It is an abbreviated symbol (ed BTC) that is commonly used in relation to cryptocurrencies for identification purposes.


A preset condition that seeks to push forth a transaction only after it has attained a certain block or if a certain time window has been reached.


A module that allows for id-data related to a particular transaction to be viewed seamlessly.


A digital token is a unit of a digital currency, such as a bitcoin. It is worth noting that some of these tokens are used for specific ecosystems, and those are frequently referred to as utility tokens. Other digital...


It refers to the process by which real-world assets can be converted into digital entities. This allows for physical commodities to be offered to different owners in a completely straightforward, streamlined manner.


Free software that allows users to surf the web in a highly secure and private fashion. The tor browser makes use of a network of volunteer relays in order to hide a host of location/cookie-related data associated with...

Total Supply

As the name quite obviously implies, the term ‘total supply’ refers to the maximum number of coins related to a project that may be in existence at any given point in time. However, the sum does not include any coins...

Trade Volume

It is the total amount of crypto-related to a particular project that has been traded over the course of the last 24 hours.


Abbreviated as tx, it is the act through which two crypto holders can exchange digital assets with one another.

Transaction Fee

A small payment needs to be made for a transaction to be processed within a blockchain.


It is the property of a blockchain platform to facilitate transactions without any of the participants having to trust one another.


It is another term used to describe a ‘mixing service’.


Turing-complete refers to the ability of a machine to perform calculations that any other programmable computer is capable of. An example of this is the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).