Ontology Collaborates with Venezuela Blockchain to Develop Economic Initiatives!

Ontology, the high-performance enterprise blockchain, has declared collaboration with Venezuela Blockchain, an organization committed to leveraging developing technologies as means for socio-economic development in Latin America. The partnership will view Venezuela Blockchain join Ontology’s technology to underpin several initiatives intended to profit the broader Latin American community.

Amongst the initial solutions intended as part of the association is a projected combination of the Ontology platform into Venezuela Blockchain’s Family Social Program charity to offer a basic income to Venezuelans. Ontology, beside one of its associates, Microworkers, will also be allowing Latin Americans to discover task-based work online and receive payment in crypto.

Erick Pinos, Ontology Americas Ecosystem Lead, said in a statement, “Venezuela’s vibrant blockchain community is fueling the country’s ascent as a dynamic hub of DLT activity, and we are excited to open the doors to crossover collaborations between members of both the Venezuelan and Ontology communities. Today’s announcement gives expression to our commitment to broadening our community horizons, and delivering tailored DLT solutions that will empower citizens globally.”

Alberto Guerrero Montilla from Venezuela Blockchain said in a statement, “Our country’s continued growth depends on the development of projects designed to guarantee the business and social expansion of our community, coupled with sustained adoption of new technologies. The reputable and proven performance of the Ontology platform has the potential to be the engine that powers the creation of new systems, enabling our push towards decentralization, and paving the way for practical applications that will empower citizens and increase prosperity among our community.”

With an initial focus on giving a fast, user-friendly platform with a different infrastructure that promotes strong cross-chain collaboration, Ontology equips businesses with the means to create their blockchain solutions securely. Powered by the ONT (Ontology Token), the distributed collaboration platform enables businesses to savor the advantages of smart contracts and tokenization while maintaining control of their sensitive data.


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