A candlestick chart is a graphing technique used to show changes in price over time. Each candle provides 4 points of information opening price, closing price, high, and low. Also known as “candles” for short.


Cash is the most liquid form of money: physical coins and banknotes in the most narrow sense of the term.

Central ledger

As the name clearly implies, it is a ledger system (used to keep track of various financial tx’s) that is maintained by a central governing authority.

Central processing unit

The CPU can be thought of as the core operational component of a computer system. Additionally, it also helps in maintaining the native functionality of various other parts associated with the machine. The speed of the...


The concept of centralization refers to a network that is controlled by a small group of nodes.


A cryptocurrency exchange that is owned and controlled by a single entity and runs as a business. The cryptocurrencies that CEX offers are entirely determined by its management. Cryptocurrency exchanges can be split...


When BTC transfers are facilitated, they are done so as a whole output. The remaining funds are sent back to the user as change.

Charge back

It is a request sent forth by a credit-card operator to a retailer to compensate for any losses that may have been incurred as a result of a fraudulent/disputed transaction.


A software program a user executes on a desktop, laptop, or a mobile device to launch an application


The term ‘Close’ alludes to a financial concept called closing price.

Cloud mining

Classical cryptocurrency mining requires huge investments in hardware and electricity. Cloud mining companies aim to make mining accessible to everybody. People just can log in to a website and invest money in a company...


It is the most basic sense, a coin represents a cryptocurrency that can be used to facilitate monetary transactions independently.


A Coinbase is essentially a digital transaction that is mandatorily added to the block of a particular cryptocurrency. In regards to the BTC ecosystem, the flagship currency’s coinbase has an input size of 100 bytes.


One of the leading crypto media outlets, specializing in daily news round-ups and market analysis.

Consensus algorithm

A set of rules that are utilized to achieve agreement amongst a network of computers. On blockchain networks, consensus algorithms are used as rules for how transactions can be validated and recorded, which means that...


A correction can be thought of negative value movement (of at least 10%) that takes place in relation to a particular cryptocurrency.

Crypto exchange

An online platform where crypto enthusiasts can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies.

Crypto jacking

Cryptojacking is referred to as a secret use of a device to mine cryptocurrency. The first widely known attempt for cryptojacking was the torrent tracker Pirate bay. They enabled an in-browser mining software so when...

Crypto wallet

The place where a cryptocurrency user can access as well as “store” their cryptocurrencies.


A cryptocurrency is merely a currency that relies on cryptography. Bitcoin, for example, leverages cryptography in order to verify transactions.